Can't help with your relationship. Can't fix your baldness.

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Can't help with your relationship. Can't fix your baldness.

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Keep reading if you meet the following criteria

1. know a little bit about cars

2. want to stay under the radar

3. would like to start making cash immediately

4. will not consider a 40 hour/week job

5. have street smarts (not a degree from Harvard)

6. are older than 18 and younger than 80

7. are a decent bullter

8. are somewhat of a risk-taker

9. don't need a million dollars, but $5k - $10k will work each month

I train individuals 1-on-1 on how to flip cheap Hondas, Toyotas, and trucks for a profit in less than 5 days. Very good at what I do. Very simple concept. Buy a $1,500 car that has a clean title from a real person. Clean and wax the heck out of it. Post in on Craigslist the next day for $3,500.

What separates my seminar and 6 weeks of follow-up training from anyone else on the net is this. I have developed a way of advertising and marketing so that people will call/text me 4-5 times every day, 25-30 times a week that want to sell me their car for $1,500 or less. I don't answer my phone- everything goes to voicemail. I cherry pick. Lot of the cars are bullt, not all of them though. I am looking for just the right car or truck that I can double my money on. Work smart and efficiently with no fuing drama. Rinse and repeat.

I will show you how to keep your name off the title when you buy and sell. Basically turns you into a ghost. You will not be selling cars from your house. You will be required to purchase a cheap burner phone from Walmart. My training is in person or through Skype. 69 years old, have been doing this for over 45 years. Each week I train 7-10 people from all over the nation. Not only do I train people how to be a clone of myself, I also flip approx. 6 cars a month generating $10k income. This gig won't make you into a gazillionaire, but it will put some cash into your pocket in short-order. You must have at least $1,500 set aside to buy your first car. I help my clients buy and sell their first 5 cars. No previous car experience required and no mechanical skills are needed. If you have a spouse, get their permission before you contact me. No offense, but my time is limited. If this gig sounds like something you want to take a swing at, contact me. Lots of references. Check out my video on Youtube by searching "double your money flipping cars" or by using the link below.

Here are a couple of testimonials from one of my students here in Vista, California.

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