MAGA state legislator seeks research, drafting interns, remote work ok

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MAGA state legislator seeks research, drafting interns, remote work ok

I'm a Republican legislator seeking two, possibly three interns to assist in researching and drafting legislation.

This is a unique opportunity for a candidate to participate in the actual crafting of law. If you're studying law or have a law degree, that's perfect, but not necessary. There is work beside legal (case law, statutory history, etc.) research that I need. We need to have the latest data and academic studies to give the other legislators (and our collective bosses, the People) the best possible information and background before laws get considered or passed.

The ideal candidates will have great writing skills, intelligence, keen reasoning ability, and the ability to see every issue from multiple viewpoints. The ability to patiently and dispassionately evaluate opposing viewpoints is critical, as well as the humility to be able to recognize and say that a proposed law is just plain dumb public policy.

Also, while we are in the majority, and while some political opponents may say or do unpleasant things, we must be polite and respectful even kind to everyone for the process to function.

With the advent of zoom, it's not critical that the candidates be in Des Moines. This will involve drafting research memoranda that must be "bullet-proof" in their research and conclusions. There are tight deadlines that cannot be missed.

This will start right after the first of the year, and the busiest time will run through April. There's a possibility of full time employment after April. While this will likely look great on a resume, the primary motivation for the successful candidate will be the desire to contribute to the general welfare of the people of the State of Iowa. That means that fairness, honesty, squeaky-clean ethical conduct, good manners, and deep regard for the rule of law are critical.

To help screen out the spam, please include the word "Brandon" somewhere in your application. A resume would be nice. There are both paid and unpaid positions available.

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